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In the dry heat of Arizona, a Tucson misting system provides the perfect way to cool off. In fact, they are a common fixture among restaurants, playgrounds, and anywhere else people might spend time outside. Many homeowners also enjoy the benefits of these systems. If you’re thinking about installing an outdoor misting system on your property, then call Hotsy Industrial Systems. We don’t just fit your space with a pre-manufactured mister setup. We custom design steel tubing outdoor misting systems seen throughout Tucson restaurants, resorts, and residences. We also provide seasonal maintenance and repairs for your misting system to keep it running for years to come.


How do outdoor misting systems work?

Misting systems release water droplets that are smaller than the tip of a human hair. As millions of tiny droplets make contact with the surrounding warm air, they evaporate and subsequently cool the air. The effect can be dramatic. Your space may be up to 25 degrees cooler than the current outdoor temperature. Additionally, the gentle mist will provide much-needed relief from the hot summers of southern Arizona.

Where can you install outdoor misting systems?

Because we custom design each of our outdoor misting systems, they have versatile applications. For example, you might install a misting system to keep your home’s patio cool and comfortable. Alternatively, misting systems can keep guests comfortable in outdoor spaces in resorts, restaurants, and shopping malls. Break areas, playgrounds, work bays, and kennels are just a few more of the places where misting systems can provide effective outdoor cooling all summer long.

Why choose Hotsy Industrial Systems?

We have been installing custom misting systems for more than 14 years. Furthermore, our misting systems are built to last. We use stainless-steel tubing, high pressure fittings, and high-pressure pump models of the highest quality. So, you’ll know your system has been built to last. We also stand by our work with a lifetime warranty on the stainless-steel misting lines. The high-pressure pump, motor, and installation carry a one-year warranty. If your system does ever fail or simply requires maintenance, we can help. Our friendly, trained technicians are available to service your outdoor misting system for years to come.

If you’re ready to start pricing outdoor misting systems, call Hotsy Industrial Systems today. We can provide an on-site analysis and quote. To reach us in Tucson, call (520) 790-7120.

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