Garbage Can & Dumpster Cleaning Trucks For Sale

With our extensive experience in manufacturing specialized pressure washing and hydraulics equipment, we possess in-depth knowledge of every aspect related to garbage can cleaning equipment. Our commitment to perfection has driven us to engineer the ultimate garbage can cleaning truck, ensuring peace of mind for our owners.

At Hotsy of Tucson, we have elevated innovation to new heights. Our cutting-edge truck not only enables simultaneous cleaning of two residential garbage cans but also accommodates 2-8 yard dumpsters on the same vehicle. Powered by our robust garbage can cleaning trucks, built on a brand-new Hino 195 chassis, equipped with a fully customized bed and bin washing setup, we deliver unmatched cleaning power and efficiency.

We specialize in the construction and delivery of custom equipment that is utilized across the United States, featuring renowned brands such as Hotsy and Kubota. Our custom-built garbage can cleaning truck serves as the backbone of your business, providing dependable equipment that you can rely on. With nationwide equipment support, we ensure the reliability of your service, fostering trust within your community.

Our garbage can cleaning truck system incorporates a robust Kubota Diesel engine coupled with a 12gpm @ 3,000psi pump, complemented by a custom-built diesel heating system for efficient heating capabilities. Drawing from a 525-gallon freshwater tank, the system feeds two high-pressure reels or two bin cleaning nozzles. This enables effortless cleaning of either two cans or a dumpster with a simple push of a button and valve adjustment. Additionally, the two high-pressure reels are designed to adapt and tackle even the most challenging cleaning projects. To handle wastewater, our system features a dedicated cleaning hopper and black water tanks. We have also incorporated custom-built screens to prevent larger debris, and some smaller particles, from entering the tanks.

While having the right equipment to clean cans under normal circumstances is crucial, we are committed to ensuring your success at all times.


      • Dual can/bin cleaning
      • Proprietary dumpster cleaning capabilities
      • Hino 195 truck with a 173” wheel base
      • 8’ x 18’ Custom made bed 
      • 6’ walls around bed for maximum area for truck wrap/advertising space
      • Backup camera with rear lights
      • Lighting package on truck with ability to work in the dark
      • 525 gallon fresh water tank with low water level indicator
      • Low pressure water filter in between fresh water tank and pressure washer 
      • Custom made Hopper with 500 gallon waste water capacity
      • 2” wastewater dumping hose with cam lock connection
      • Three stage filtration system
      • Custom dumpster/can specialty grabber arms powered by PTO hydraulic system
      • Wireless remote to control grabber arms with backup control box
      • Custom diesel engine washer 12GPM @ 3000PSI
      • Hotsy diesel water heating system 920K BTU’S
      • Large fuel tanks for pressure washer and burner on fuel side of truck 
      • Three Bolondi Cyclone cleaning heads
      • Y strain high pressure water filter in between burner and manifold 
      • Custom built manifold to control water flow
      • Ability to run two cleanings heads simultaneously (two residential cans at same time)
      • One high-pressure Hanny spring reel with 50’ hose (75’ capacity)
      • One high-pressure Hanny spring reel with 100’’ hose (200’ capacity)
      • One Hanny 100’ fill up hose reel with automatic water shut off float 
      • Cold weather antifreeze winterization system
      • 40” tool box with backup parts
      • Sludge sucker with hose
Very satisfied. I brought in my pest rig for a pump swap to completely different pump system and they were able to make it happen and get my rig back on the road making my business money again. I will reccomend them to my colleagues.

-Don R.

Great people, patient with my questions and understanding of my needs. The product is stellar, very happy with the whole process. Customer for life.

-Phil G.

Very honest, knowledgable people. Over past two years my staff has become friends with them as they are all very friendly and explain in detail how things work and any issues with equipment. Great new office/shop!!

-Randy B..

Hi, I would like to share my experience, my experience has been excellent I'll start with from the minute you arrive they make you feel very welcome, very polite front office personnel to the mechanics very knowledgeable people they have helped me with information on my 555ss ...I must say I will continue to give them my business I highly recommend them!

-Martin C.






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