The Mi-T-M Difference
Is One In A Million

Mi-T-M is the leader in Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Mi-T-M Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality industrial equipment from water pressure washers, air compressors, to generators.

Building Mighty Damn Good products is not just something we say since 1971, it’s been our mission. At Mi-T-M we build equipment to tackle any size job with ease. Our products run for years and that is what sets us apart from our competition.

Our Popular Mi-T-M Options

Biological Systems

A clarifier allows for greater settling and removal of accumulated solids in wastewater before treatment. This pretreatment makes it easier for water treatment systems to operate effectively.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

The freshwater reverse osmosis system efficiently removes contaminants with a multi pre-filter process and spiral wound membranes. It is customizable and can treat up to 2000 gallons of water per day.

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Wash Water Recycle Systems

These recycle systems are designed to remove free hydrocarbons and filter water to be sent back through a pressure washer. They feature ph and orp injection and are designed with corrosion-resistant tanks.

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Recovery & Recycle System

The portable water recovery series captures, filters and recycles wash water for reuse or proper disposal on and off jobsites.

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Very satisfied. I brought in my pest rig for a pump swap to completely different pump system and they were able to make it happen and get my rig back on the road making my business money again. I will reccomend them to my colleagues.

-Don R.

Great people, patient with my questions and understanding of my needs. The product is stellar, very happy with the whole process. Customer for life.

-Phil G.

Very honest, knowledgable people. Over past two years my staff has become friends with them as they are all very friendly and explain in detail how things work and any issues with equipment. Great new office/shop!!

-Randy B..

Hi, I would like to share my experience, my experience has been excellent I'll start with from the minute you arrive they make you feel very welcome, very polite front office personnel to the mechanics very knowledgeable people they have helped me with information on my 555ss ...I must say I will continue to give them my business I highly recommend them!

-Martin C.






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