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JRI Cleaning Systems presents a diverse array of cutting-edge parts washers designed to meet all your cleaning needs. Our extensive lineup includes standard front load washers, top load washers, automatic washers, immersion-agitation washers, spray under immersion washers, pass-through washers, and heavy-duty washers. Additionally, we specialize in crafting custom washers tailored precisely to our customers’ unique requirements.

At Hotsy of Tucson, we proudly offer an exceptional selection of industrial parts washers to our esteemed clientele throughout Arizona. Our inventory includes front load washers, pass-through washers, heavy-duty washers, immersion washers with spray under function, immersion-agitation washers, top load washers, and even custom washers. If your industry demands efficient and immersive cleaning solutions for equipment parts, explore the impressive range of products available from JRI Cleaning Systems, a renowned manufacturer partnered with Hotsy of Tucson.


A part of our original product offering, Jenfab’s PCS line of front-load, spray cabinet parts washers has evolved into one of the best your money can buy. The PCS not only provides precision cleaning, but also reliability that makes these systems a standard in the cabinet cleaning industry.


Jenfab’s TL top load spray cabinet parts washer line of equipment is perfect for cellular washing or for those installations that need a value-added cleaning process in a small space. We offer top loaders with turntables ranging in size from 21″ to 72″ for our standard models, and up to 120” on custom systems.


Roll in, powerful automatic parts washer

Messy pressure-washing and scrub tubs waste time and you can involve dangerous solvents. The Jenfab Orca system is more efficient, more effective, and safer. And we make environmentally sound disposal of oil easy.

JRI Cleaning Systems sets itself apart from other parts cleaning machine companies through the extensive and top-notch selection they offer. With a complete line of industrial and aqueous parts washers, JRI is the ultimate cleaning solution for almost any industry, whether on land or at sea. To ensure exceptional standards in aqueous and industrial parts washers for our valued customers across Arizona, Hotsy of Tucson has chosen JRI Cleaning Systems for their well-established reputation in producing powerful and reliable machines, including front load and automatic parts washers. Since 1993, JRI Cleaning Systems has been manufacturing parts washing systems, benefiting hundreds of businesses by enhancing efficiency and cost savings. The cleaning systems designed by JRI are fully automatic and solvent-free, allowing your employees to focus on other tasks while the industrial parts washer from Hotsy of Tucson in AZ restores everything to its specifications.

Every aqueous and industrial parts washer offered by JRI is designed with versatility, durability, and affordability in mind. These high-quality parts washers are competitively priced, striking the perfect balance between long-term investment and ongoing support from the Hotsy of Tucson team. As an insured and well-financed company, JRI Cleaning Systems is committed to providing all its clients with precision-engineered parts washers that are built to last.

For Arizona industries in need of an industrial parts washer, JRI’s aqueous heavy-duty cleaners are the toughest and most effective available. Contact Hotsy of Tucson today to learn more information!

Very satisfied. I brought in my pest rig for a pump swap to completely different pump system and they were able to make it happen and get my rig back on the road making my business money again. I will reccomend them to my colleagues.

-Don R.

Great people, patient with my questions and understanding of my needs. The product is stellar, very happy with the whole process. Customer for life.

-Phil G.

Very honest, knowledgable people. Over past two years my staff has become friends with them as they are all very friendly and explain in detail how things work and any issues with equipment. Great new office/shop!!

-Randy B..

Hi, I would like to share my experience, my experience has been excellent I'll start with from the minute you arrive they make you feel very welcome, very polite front office personnel to the mechanics very knowledgeable people they have helped me with information on my 555ss ...I must say I will continue to give them my business I highly recommend them!

-Martin C.






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