Automotive Pressure Washer, Cleaning Equipment

At Hotsy of Tucson, we offer innovative cleaning solutions to ensure your auto body shop or car dealership remains in top-notch condition. The automotive industry presents a myriad of challenges, with oil, rubber, solvents, hardware, and debris being common culprits. Hence, an efficient cleaning strategy is paramount. Our selection of automotive pressure washers and cleaning equipment for clients in Arizona will set you apart from the competition.

For dealerships, we have everything you need to maintain safe, spotless, and appealing facilities. From sweeping machines, automotive pressure washers to steam cleaners, you can keep your showroom, front offices, and customer-interaction areas pristine. Our equipment ensures spotless vehicles, hazard-free workshops, and efficient detail centers. Moreover, our line of effective and environmentally-conscious cleaning machines helps you reduce overhead costs and water waste.

For service stations, we understand that cleanliness translates to more customers and quicker revenue. Our lineup of automotive pressure washers, vacuums, and sweepers will help you keep both the interior and exterior of your operations safe, clean, and attractive. Bid farewell to the dirt, grime, and debris that customers don’t want to see, and welcome a fresh, tidy, and efficient facility.

To learn more about our cleaning solutions, including pressure washers for your Arizona service station, get in touch with one of our friendly technicians at Hotsy of Tucson.

#1 Sellers For Automotive Dealerships & Service Centers


Jenfab’s TL top load spray cabinet parts washer line of equipment is perfect for cellular washing or for those installations that need a value-added cleaning process in a small space. We offer top loaders with turntables ranging in size from 21″ to 72″ for our standard models, and up to 120” on custom systems.


These stationary hot water washers are packed with standard features like programmable smart control, which includes auto start/stop and time delay shutdown capability. The electric powered washer is heated with natural gas or liquid propane, and features a belt drive pump with tensioning system.


Contact pressure adjustment: The contact pressure can be manually adjusted to various settings. The advantages are clear: no risk of burn-in effects on sensitive floors; reduced motor power consumption – for longer battery operation; less brush or pad wear. Intelligent keys: the KIK system (Kärcher Intelligent Key) Two keys, two colors: gray for supervisors or programmers and yellow for operators. 


Electric motor, Oil-Fired, LP-Fired or Natural Gas Fired, available in Direct or Belt Drive models. Provides industrial cleaning power with small business affordability. Multiple fuel and electrical options.


The Rotating Nozzle or Turbo Nozzle is designed to use the force generated from your hot or cold-water pressure washer to clean with the impact of a zero-degree flat spray nozzle, but with the pattern of wide coverage fan spray nozzle.


Hotsy’s modular cold water pressure washers with corrosion resistant aluminum frame. Wheels can be removed allowing for easy trailer mounting. Models are available in belt or direct drive and powered by Honda GX engines.



The Clean Burn Model CB-140 is the smallest and most economical Clean Burn used-oil furnace in terms of initial cost. It produces approximately 140,000 BTU/hr. and is ideal for small garages, shops, and workspaces.


Hotsy’s Best All-Purpose Detergent: Highly concentrated with dilution ratio of 150 to 1. Whether removing grease or cleaning a finely painted automobile, Breakthrough! is the best all around “go to” detergent. Breakthrough’s high foaming action attacks dead oxidized paint and can be used in hard and cold water applications.

Very satisfied. I brought in my pest rig for a pump swap to completely different pump system and they were able to make it happen and get my rig back on the road making my business money again. I will reccomend them to my colleagues.

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Great people, patient with my questions and understanding of my needs. The product is stellar, very happy with the whole process. Customer for life.

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Very honest, knowledgable people. Over past two years my staff has become friends with them as they are all very friendly and explain in detail how things work and any issues with equipment. Great new office/shop!!

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Hi, I would like to share my experience, my experience has been excellent I'll start with from the minute you arrive they make you feel very welcome, very polite front office personnel to the mechanics very knowledgeable people they have helped me with information on my 555ss ...I must say I will continue to give them my business I highly recommend them!

-Martin C.